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Flash Jesus Mob


     Flash "Jesus" Mobs are a large public gathering of worshipers of Jesus Christ that come together in  one place to minister in song and dance, for His glory. A mob is an event   that appears to be a group  of random people who randomly show up, stop, present a message in an unusual way, and then disperse.

    Quickened Ministries is organizing 2014 Flash "Jesus" Mobs. We will lift up the message of Jesus  Christ! We will have several of these this year. Registered worshipers will     learn the routines. They  will be equipped with dates of rehearsals; mob gear, the mob dates, times and locations. Join as  many or as few, as you can this summer.

   Worshiper dancers who attend rehearsals can purchase FLASH JESUS MOB tee shirts. Others are welcome  to join in.

   Singers can purchase shirts from Quickened members; singers can show up and sing once we announce the date/times and location.