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Minister Hope is the President of Quickened Ministries since 2004. Quickened Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that presents the Word through artistic forms of worship; dance, drama and the poetic spoken word.  Quickened exists to esteem Christ as Lord and raise the banner of His honor higher through dramatic presentations and instruction. Professionally, Hope worked in IT since graduation from High School, Hope moved to Colorado after joining IBM, International Business Machines in Boulder in 1990.  

Hope is a 
wife, mother, and grandmother, a licensed and ordained minister, worship instructor, seminary student, and regular conference speaker in both secular and Christian forums.

Minister Hope was born and raised by her parents in Little Rock Arkansas. As an adult, in 1979 Minister Hope moved to Memphis, Tennessee where she began to experience the freedom that worship brings. Reconciled to Christ and full of the Spirit, she and her family moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1990 where God continues the process of her story and sanctification.

Hope's Ministry Bio: 

Minister Hope Golden is a native of Arkansas. She and her family moved to Colorado in 1990. Saved and seeking to serve, Hope answered her call to the ministry in 2003, she was confirmed and licensed as a minister of the Gospel in June 2004. Today, she serves as an Associate Minister, and Director of Christian Education at Lowry Community Christian Church ; she is the Servant-Leader of Quickened Ministries a registered 501(c)(3) Christian arts organization, and she is a Masters of Divinity Student at Golden Gate Seminary in Centennial, Colorado. Minister Hope is covered by her husband, Keith and wonderfully blessed by their two children, and two grandchildren. Hope's purpose is to make the word come alive in diverse ways so that people are motivated to seek the Living Word; while He (Jesus) may be found.

Hope is a local and national workshop, conference, university graduation, elementary school motivational, and worship service speaker, called to ignite, encourage, teach, and preach for the good of God.

  • 2006 - She was confirmed as an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, Bountiful Blessing World Fellowship Church, Little Rock Arkansas, Pastor Dr. Stephen Christian (Mentor)
  • Creative Director and President of Quickened
  • Producer of Quickened "Temple Tune-ups" - Movement Program promoting Good Health
  • Director "The King's Table", a Quickened biennial Theatrical Worship Arts Experience 
  • Creator of "1 Peter 3:18 Camp" – A Worship Arts Camp

A Short Program Bio: 

Minister Hope Golden serves as an Associate Minister at Lowry Community Christian Church.  She has been in Church leadership in Colorado, since 1990. At Lowry, Min. Hope is the Director of Christian Education.  In this role, she serves with passion to ensure an ongoing program for instruction in biblical education that turns hearts towards, and renews the mind in, Jesus Christ.

Hope is the Servant Leader of Quickened Ministries. Quickened Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that presents the Word through artistic forms of worship; dance, drama and the poetic spoken word and mission work.  Quickened's call involves both local and international assignments.  The King's Table a Quickened biennial theatrical worship experience to draw the community's heart to Christ.  Quickened workshops and 1 Peter 3:18 Camp provides instruction in all types of genre (lyrical, step, ballet, tambourine, and drama). These events educate and send worshipers out with greater excellence in ministry.  Our call to the mission field is two-fold involving local and foreign programming such as the Bethlehem Inn - a mobile metro area gift shop for transitioning families, Women's movements like undergarments for the women of distressed areas in Haiti, vegetable gardens in Africa, and scholarships for women in Seminary in Zambia.  

God has surrounded Hope with men and women who love Jesus and answer the call wherever he sends us. Hope is an ordained and licensed Minister, currently completing her Masters of Divinity as a student at Gateway Seminary, Centennial, Colorado. Minister Hope is married to Elder Keith; they have two children and two grandchildren.

Hope's Professional Bio:

Write her at businessoffice@quickened.org and request a current professional bio.


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