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 2011 - The God that Hears the Prayers of His People

The King's Table


 2009 - The Great I AM



 2006 - The King's Table

2013 - God Of Our Plans


 2007 - The Absolute God


Reviews of The King's Table:

"I had my mentee, there with me. She accepted the Lord several years ago but told me how much the King's Table served to solidify her faith. I think it was a combination of being with so many people who obviously are passionate about our LORD, the things you said and the power of the Holy Spirit through the whole presentation." Jill

"I got saved all over again"!

"I bought my granddaughter to 'The King's Table' we both loved it - and its impact. My granddaughter, Carmen said she would "always remember what she saw and felt." Quite a moving event. Regina"!

"My family is changed forever." T.V.

"I did make it and I loved it, every minute.  My husband, who is sort of a sit in the chair kinda guy was clapping his hands and smiling and nodding.  I also brought my dear friend Linda who dances with me at my church.  She was on fire.   I called Christina last night to tell her how much I enjoyed it.  She said it was an amazing experience."  Laura

"I am glad I attended and that my 24-year-old daughter went with me. she was blessed too.
You have an awesome and inspiring ministry. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!"  LCJ

"Note from my girlfriend's 20something son who saw my facebook post yesterday: "Just got back from The King's Table and they completely blew my mind which is hard to do."....."I'd be willing to do some volunteer hours for an organization that throws down like that." come on say AMEN somebody for God getting the glory and moving on the hearts of His people." Kim

"Blessings to Quickened! You put on a beautiful production last night. I can't imagine all it took for you to prepare, but my Father knows. He has something special for each of you. Thank you for yielding to His Spirit for direction. I could see His "fingerprints" in every detail. Praise God for you!" LaShonda

"my friend came to TKT Sunday night and renewed her relationship with Christ. She said that it was so BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for everything"   A.Z.

"Personally, I was so moved and inspired. If I hadn't had a conflict Sunday night, I would have been back and brought some others with me. The ministry of Quickened is so obviously ordained of the Lord and empowered by His Spirit. I am thrilled with SOY being in partnership with you!"  Jill


 What is The King's Table
  TKT is a fresh breathtaking theatrical production that shares the Gospel of Jesus in theatrical form.  The objective is to spread the gospel through expression.  The event    

  conveys principles of the bible and Jesus Christ teachings using various forms of artistic expression like dance, poetry, stepping, oration and singing.   


  The Biblical accounts highlighted unfold into dramatic expressions using dance, drama and literary forms to share the Word.  Try to imagine seeing passages of the book

  of Genesis or Revelations come alive. 


                                                And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, I heard saying,

                                                             “ Blessing and honor  and glory and power be unto him that sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever (Rev. 5:13).

  Is it a play or musical?
 Better described, it is a compilation of illustrated biblical stories or principles.

  Who should come?
   Everyone at all ages really enjoy the event. It is a wonderfully inspired uplifting Spirited service and evangelism tool.  Bring a few friends.