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 Hope Golden, DeVry University Graduation Keynote Speaker, on Saturday, December 14, 2013​

Devry Graduation

Keynote Speaker

Servant Leader, Hope
 shares some words of wisdom about good behavior and good character North Ridge High 2014  Juniors and Seniors, the last day of school before           spring break.

DeVry Her World

Keynote Speaker


  "I was surprised because she (Ms. Hope) started off (the talk) with IBM and I thought she was going to talk  about careers. Instead, she spoke about the importance of                defining yourself and overcoming life's obstacles in  order to achieve your dreams. It was a beautiful presentation. I noticed everyone took something different from  what        she said: some students remarked on her experiences with racism, some about her bubbly manner and  personability, others about her motivation to be a leader in her field,      and still others just talked about her  great hair. I loved that she reached everyone in the audience differently and personally. I hope she can come  again next year. Perhaps        she can talk to every grade?!" Jennifer, (student)

Motivational Speaker, Quickened Servant Leader, Hope visited with ninth graders at Mountain View High School in  Loveland, Colorado on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. The       message was serious; the result was a "hug fest." High  School is a vulnerable time for decision-making. In 1957, in Little Rock Arkansas, nine high schoolers decided  to               jeopardize their lives to change the world. They risked their lives, and the lives of their families, and  friends, to promote the integration of public schools. This was three           years after the Supreme Court ruling made  it lawful in Brown vs. the Board of Education. These purpose driven and focused students walked through death  threats for a           quality public education. Hope graduated from that same school L. R. Central High, then furthered  her knowledge in IT. She knows God opened doors for her to grow in her         profession for the last 26 years at IBM,  one of the largest IT companies in the world. "Be strong my friends. When you face challenges to finish high  school; do what is right,   it's not easy, but WE don't quit." Hugs for everyone!

MLK Jr Celebration and Black History Programs 

North Ridge High

Keynote Speaker

The Sacred Dance Guild


The Sacred Dance Guild is a spiritually diverse, international, non-profit organization with a  commitment to advocate for dance as a sacred art and to promote dance as a means of spiritual growth and integration of mind, body, and spirit.  The principles of SDG do not necessarily in totality represent Quickened's, but the instruction if movement and community are one and the same. 

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Lincoln High School

Keynote Speaker

  Hope Golden, DeVry University HerWorld Keynote Address, 
"Now You Try"​

"Spread Your Wings, and Fly!"

   05/24/2012 "
Hope, Thank you again for being our commencement speaker for our graduation. The responses from students, staff, and families were amazing.             Attached are the pictures you wanted. The names of the graduates are from left to right: front row - Natalia Munoz, Eric Hartless, Cristian Aguirre, Nate Osburn,         and  Shannon Kalinowski; back row - Joanna Wager, Chelsea Vick, Darren Skinner, Kim Morford, and Kim Kravig. Cindy Jones, Lincoln HS, Ft. Morgan Colorado."​

   Our Servant-Leader, Hope Golden, creates speeches, dramas, plays skits and customizes poetic word pieces for all  kinds of engagements. Her moving, energizing and intimate       way of speaking has opened doors for many  occasions. Write us about your event, graduation, conference, leadership session, funeral, wedding or family  reunion. 

   For over 20 years Quickened has participated in Black History programs in Colorado.

   Hope has lead the creation of Quickened's Black History programs for Starbucks, IBM, Martin Marietta, the  Environment Protection Agency, Colorado Public Schools. Colorado       Visitors Bureau, Colorado Department of Interior,  Thornton High, Boulder High, many Colorado elementary schools, as well as local and remote Churches.

   She has written and spoken at commencements for DeVry University and Ft. Morgan Lincoln High. She has been the  keynote for Devry University HerWorld Conference.

   Programs can be educational, theatrical or motivational in nature and Hope's speeches are always quickening.

Email us about Quickened's and/or Hope's availability.​

Mountain View High

Keynote Speaker 

Speaking Engagements