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Every opportunity Quickened is given to express or covey a message through any form of communication is an opportunity to teach, preach, pray, convince or transform.  It is important that we always understand the critical nature of the moment - someone is listening and the Father has something to say.

Bob Kauflin, addresses the age-old question of what to say if anything when you’re leading people in congregational worship. What words can inspire people to worship God as we sing, and what words might hinder them?

He shares that our first focus isn’t what we say in public, but what we pursue in private. Saying the right things without having the right heart leads to hypocrisy. We shouldn’t expect the church to be affected by truths that we ourselves haven’t been affected by.He went on to share some of the common stereotypes he's encountered over the years, in himself or in others.  Read his article, you might find some you recognize.

Worship speaks a bundle about who we are in Christ as we communicate in dance, song, teaching, or the preached word.  

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